I love my clients! Here’s what some of them have to say about our work together:

I've been working with Eva for a little over a year and I can say with complete sincerity that it has changed my life. Though the highlights of working with her include landing an amazing job, buying a house, finding a wonderful partner, and getting out of credit card debt, the biggest changes have been internal. Eva has helped me develop strategies to effectively cope with stress, trauma, and uncertainty. In our work, I've been able to develop a relationship with myself. I feel like I finally love me, for me. I see my worth and value as intrinsic rather than tied to my accomplishments. I feel secure in who I am and have excitement about where I'm headed. I feel so much more in control of how I respond to challenging or emotionally triggering situations, which in turn influences the outcome of those situations. I'm in awe of the growth I've seen in myself since working with Eva, and I'm eternally grateful to her for helping me bloom.

Emma F., VP of Marketing at a Startup

I’ve been thinking of sending you a note of gratitude for months, probably a year! I think of you frequently, quoting conversations we had and reflecting even now. I left my wonderful-but-stifling square job and have become a teaching artist with a little apartment and a fabulous, creative partner. I think about how grey and desperate I felt at the time we spoke and I am bone-deep grateful for your ear and kind guidance and validation.

M.M., Artist

I was at the low of my academic career and feeling completely lost six months ago. Being a SUPER Type A person, it was difficult to admit that I couldn’t fix all the problems on my own and to actually seek help. I am so thankful that I put my ego aside and called Eva; it was one of the best decisions I have made. Eva helped to understand myself better as a mother, a spouse, a friend, an academician and a has definitely been a life-changing experience. I have been told all my life that I need to set some boundaries. I have tried many times and it didn’t happen until I met Eva. She is not afraid to push me and challenge me; she showed me how I always operate with my brain and often neglect my true feelings. It has only been six months but I am a happier person and I am more productive and efficient than ever! My relationships with the people around me have become more solid; my friends and colleagues have noticed the positive changes in me and have all wondered how I did it. I have to give lots of credit to Eva. I have shared my journey with Eva and what Eva taught me with my trainees, colleagues, friends and even my daughter, and they have all found it very helpful. I am excited to continue to work with Eva and looking forward to more new discoveries and positive changes in my life.

P.K., Academic Radiologist

Thank you! For the gifts of presence, illumination, compassion, joy, reflection, persistence, encouragement, silence, laughter, humility & for introducing me to my many selves! I am blessed to have met you because in you I met me!

Claire, Graduate Student

Eva is an absolute gem of a human being and a very talented coach. She is uniquely perceptive, deeply intuitive, and remarkably wise. I felt totally comfortable baring my soul to her. She held space for anything I shared. She asked hard questions of me, and she'd keep probing if she suspected she hadn't reached the real core. It didn't matter what I shared, how "crazy" or "abnormal" I thought it was, she accepted everything, helping me feel perfectly, lovably human. I can feel Eva's fingerprint in every corner of my life. I still hear her voice in my head guiding me almost daily. Her healing ways continue to be such a gift to me.

Natalie Bruno, Jottful

I’ve been working with Eva for about two years and in that time have made vast life changes; I credit her for much of that transformation. She’s helped me undo limiting thought patterns and beliefs that I’ve held which were hindering my growth and her coaching has laid the foundation for my personal and professional evolution. Her patience and kind-yet-direct approach is refreshing and a little humbling. She implements logic, focused meditation, humor, and emotional validation in an expert way. She helps me make my own decisions in a way where I can discern my next steps without being overwhelmed by my thoughts. My time with her has been invaluable and I see it as one of the most worthwhile investments I’ve made in myself. I honestly can’t recommend Eva enough.

Victoria O'Brien, Art Director

Through my work with Eva I have grown far beyond what I imagined possible when we first started. She listens carefully, remembers well, and has insights that are intuitive and correct. Her compassionate and wise counsel has supported major life changes for me, changes which have been sustained and appear to be long-lasting!

Brenda, Health Care Professional

Eva’s work combines a clear grounding in principles and practices of energy medicine, a variety of alternative healing modalities, and somatic psychotherapy. Her work is creative and respectful of the body and being’s capacity and process for change, making her a uniquely effective and dynamic facilitator of healing and growth.

C. Parry, Ph.D, MSW

Eva has a remarkable gift for seeing what is under the surface, and compassionately and clearly calling it into the light. She works at the intersection of body, spirit and possibility and brings spaciousness and sparkle to all of her encounters. She models what she teaches–empowering intuitive leadership, and supporting both individuals and groups in creating sustainable change.

Taya Shere,

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