Dating & Relationship Coaching

You’re at the top of your game professionally...but despite all the effort you’ve put in, you still haven’t cracked the relationship code...and sometimes you wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

I work with ambitious, creative, successful people who’ve done all the ‘right’ things to put themselves out there, but they’ve been missing the secret sauce that makes it all work--vulnerability.

In order to have satisfying relationships, you have to be willing to be vulnerable.


Navigating dating and relationships is a skill set, not a talent.

Drivenness might make you successful, but vulnerability is what creates attraction. Being vulnerable enables you to bond, because you and your partner feel like you know each other. If you want emotional intimacy and a juicy sex life, you need to learn how to be vulnerable.

I help my clients build those skills so they can find the loving relationships they’ve been seeking; the confidence they gain in the process inevitably spills over into the rest of their lives.


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