Through the Looking Glass: An Atelier for Driven Leaders

An atelier is a master creator’s studio or workroom. It’s a place where ideas are born, and turned into reality, like alchemy.

It’s a place where magic happens.

This atelier is an exclusive group-coaching experience for driven leaders who believe in impossible things, and are ready to transform themselves, while moving their careers and lives forward with powerful momentum.

If you want to create an adventure out of your life, if you want to create something, start something (and/or finish it), and if you want a team to make the journey alongside you, then this atelier is the place to do it.


Why a group?

The benefits of sharing a powerful space with other creators are:

  • There is nowhere to hide: you have to show your work. If you don’t show up, literally or figuratively, your absence will be noticed.
  • The mirror effect: It can be easier to see other people’s bullshit than it is to see our own. If you can spot it over there in someone else’s breakthrough, there’s a good chance you can create the breakthrough in your own life, too. You will benefit from other people’s results, and they benefit from yours.
  • You get to hold others (and be held) accountable. Integrity is easier to practice when we know people are watching.

Who is this for?

This group program is for people looking to generate a powerful shift in their life and in themselves, but are not yet ready to make the commitment that one-on-one coaching requires. Or perhaps you are already working one-on-one with a coach, but find that you want the structure, accountability and camaraderie of a team at the same time.

What will I create?

As with anything in life, the answer to this question is largely up to you. What do you want? If you are ready to make a powerful shift, and you are willing to make a big declaration, and then make the required commitment (do the work and take the action), your results are potentially endless.

You get to say what you will take away. What’s it going to be?

What does an atelier look like?

Your private group will meet twice a month, for six months. Each time we meet is via video, which will be recorded so you can revisit the conversation, and lasts two hours.

You will be invited to a private Facebook group where your calls will be posted. This will be your workroom between calls, a place where your group can continue the conversation and share ideas, insights, questions, and practices that come out of our video meetings, as well as challenge each other and practice accountability.

What if I’m looking for more?

If you are looking for a deeper, more personal and private coaching experience, with greater support, and you are truly ready to move past “safe” or “good enough” towards a life and a world that lights your passion on fire, then one-on-one coaching is for you.

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